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ThisWeekinCheapHoly heatwave Batman! I’m not sure about where you are, but in Southern California it was hot, humid, and miserable all week. I tried my best to take a zen approach to the awful weather, but when it was still 90 degrees at 3:00 in the morning, my “be one with the heat” mentality went straight out the window. The only good thing about heatwaves is that I never hit snooze when getting up in the morning. I made it to work in record time for the sweet sweet relief of air conditioning.

I’m starting a series on this blog to discuss some of the free or cheap things that went down. One of my goals is to really enjoy what Los Angeles has to offer but not have to worry about the toll that it’s taking on my wallet. The nice thing about living in a city, is that there is are always something inexpensive going on.

Thursday: Free Song Writing Workshop

A few months ago I got the idea in my head that I wanted to take singing lessons. I googled around looking for vocal coaches who would take on an amateur such as myself.   I came across the Hollywood Academy of Music and signed up for a trial class. My singing teacher was great and I learned a lot in my 30 minute lesson, but the $30/lesson price tag felt a little steep to me. Also, I decided that I wanted to focus on passing the California Real Estate exam, so lessons were pushed by the wayside.

I did sign up for their newsletter and found that throughout the year they host free classes and workshops. Awesome! I registered for their introduction to songwriting workshop. It was a fun class, although as someone who has been writing songs for 10+ years, I already knew pretty much everything that was taught. We did get the chance to collaborate with the other students to write and perform an original song that was written on the spot. I was grouped up with the two really talented songwriters and singers, I pretty much let them take the stage. It was a really fun way to spend an evening and I look forward to the Rock Band 101 workshop I signed up for later in the month.

Total Cost: $0.00*

Saturday: Beach Day!

You would think that as a midwesterner living in a coastal city that I would make my way to the beach more often. Sadly, I only make it to the beach a handful of times each year. It’s really quite sad. This weekend, I knew I wanted some sort of beach day. My boyfriend and I had plans for Saturday afternoon but when they fell through I suggested that we go to the beach instead. Because it was so cloudy, the beach was a lot less crowded than usual. Plus our heatwave made the usually frigid Pacific nice and warm. The BF and I had a great time playing in the waves and I had a great time making some progress on my reading project.

Total Cost: $0.00**

Sunday: Hiking Griffith Park

Due to the hot weather, I’ve been locked up inside from the sun all week. It was nice to get out and get a little bit of exercise. I toted my lazy butt over to Griffith to do a little hiking around the abandoned zoo. What was so surprising was that Griffith is even closer to where I live in Burbank than when I lived in Hollywood, just as long as I stick to the backside of the park. How have I gone a year and a half without a good trip to Griffith? Crazy.

Total Cost: $0.00


The evening wasn’t completely free. In a moment of stupidity I decided to treat myself to sushi since the music school was just down the street from my favorite rotating sushi place on Sawtelle. I ended up throwing down $21 on a meal for myself. The most disappointing thing is that my sushi place’s prices went up but the quality and size of the rolls went waaaay down. It was a real bummer

** In a moment of weakness on the way to the beach, I coerced my boyfriend into getting Subway with me. Goodbye $6.70. 


How was your week in cheap? Were you able to find some fun activities that didn’t drain your wallet? 


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