The September Spending and Savings Plan

When I first read about Cait from Blonde on a Budget’s Shopping Ban, I was immediately intrigued and inspired Could I really step away from my shopoholicism and really try to actively save my money like her? For the past month and a half, I’ve been trying to do just that. I cleaned out my closet, I consolidated my grocery shopping with my boyfriend, I switched phone carriers, I unsubscribed to Spotify, and I stopped impulse buying on Amazon. The results so far have been very positive! I haven’t missed the four trash bags of clothing I donated, I stopped accumulating books I’m not reading, and I’m saving almost $70 a month on my phone bill. Yay!

While I’m doing a little mini-celebration, I also want to push myself even harder this month.

The September Spending & Savings Plan
This month I want to get tighter with my grocery and restaurant expenses. There are also a few “startup” costs that will no longer be part of the budget for the year (Costco membership, new phone, website hosting).

September Budget Snapshot
Monthly Utility Costs (Gas, Electricity, Internet): $200.00
Phone: $12.00
Vehicle Expenses (Insurance and Gas): $280.00
Groceries: $230.00 (I’m working my way to $200/mo)
Restaurants: $50.00 (My job requires me to drive a lot, it’s not always easy to bring a lunch on days that I’m out traveling. Plus I want to factor in a little money for a dinner out with friends)
Prescriptions and Toiletries: $35.00

I’m hoping to save 40% of my income.

What are some of your spending and savings goals for this month?

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