August Spending Round-Up

August is the first month that I started actively trying to save money. There were some inevitable start-up costs such as buying this website domain and getting a Costco membership, but I’m optimistic both will be worth the cash. This month, I also sold $35.00 worth of stuff I never use (a rusty bike and a bike rack) and I pocketed that money. I used the money for a drink out with a friend, tickets to a friend’s concert, and some candy. Even though I pretend I’m an adult, I still totally act like a child when candy is involved.

When I initially did the calculation, I completely forgot to include my rent. For a day I thought I did such a great job at my expenses and would be a millionaire in no time. Not so fast, Erin!

Here are some ways my money left the comfortable confines of my wallet:

Gas: $215.19
Luckily some of this driving was for work, so I get reimbursed. I also drove a friend around town one weekend which led to the high gas bill.

Groceries: $297.69
I want to get this number closer to $200. However, the new Costco Membership fee is included in this amount.

Toiletries: $21.57
Soaps, lotions, and razors. All necessary items that will be put to good use

Restaurants: $95.80
This is a major feat for me! In July my restaurant bill was over $400. Yikes! I’m patting myself on the back, but I still think I can do better

Clothing: $54.46
I’m not happy about this number, but when I cleaned out my closet there were several essentials that needed to be replaced. I don’t intend on spending any money on clothing for a really long time.

For my first month of active saving, I’m fairly pleased. I think I can do better in the months to come.

How did your August spending go? Were you able to reach your goals?

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