A Conversation With My Dad

One piece of advice from dear ol’ Dad: Invest in a duplex.

I had a chance during my evening drive home to talk to my Dad for a long time. My Dad and I are very similar. We both have a super goofy sense of humor and a tendency toward small entrepreneurship. When I was growing up, my Dad was always hustlin’ on eBay. He’d buy vintage memorabilia, polish it up, and sell it for double. His online commerce inspired me to open my own Etsy shop.  Still today we gripe about the United States Postal Service and compare order response times with each other. My Dad is also my go-to financial advisor.

I shared with him my interest in my personal finances and how I had been toying with the idea of investing some money. He gave me the low down on the current conditions of the stock market and worked through some of my savings goals. The conversation naturally tilted in the direction of “what do you want from your life?” I shared with him a couple of dreams and he talked about the dreams he had for himself when he was my age. He then said something that I thought was very important. He said, if you never act on dreams, that’s all they will ever be.

He also told me to write everything down. It’s so easy to start dreaming about the future but it’s even easier to forget if you don’t keep track of it.

I was so glad to have this conversation, it was much overdue. I hung up the phone feeling very inspired and ready to tackle the world.



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