Three Good Things

I recently enrolled in the Science of Happiness edX course to learn more about the history of happiness, why we feel happiness, and if we’re able to generate happiness. I’m only on week two and I can already feel the positive impact on my life. I think the simple act of choosing happiness is can be revolutionary.

One of the practices the class introduces is this thing called “Three Good Things.” This practice asks you to reflect on three good things that happened to you that day. The class teaches that we quickly adapt to happiness and it is important to slow down and appreciate happiness as it happens. For instance, you look forward to getting a promotion at work, then once you get that promotion you’re super happy. However, that happiness tends to fade away and the promotion is no longer a source of great happiness. By noting the Three Good Things, it’s easier to hold on to those positive emotions.

Without further ado, here are my–

My Three Good Things

Going to the Park at Lunch Time

There is this little park that is a 15 minute walk from my office. I have been trying to make a better effort of getting out of the office and into the sunshine and this park has been an excellent solution. When I was outside I felt warm but comfortable. I allowed myself to sit on a picnic bench for a few minutes just enjoying the weather.  Since I stopped using data on my cell phone I didn’t have the urge to check in during my break. It felt really great to walk away from everything, even if was only for short period of time.

Someone Downloaded My Music

This Good Thing is connected to a Good Thing from Tuesday. Several weeks ago I emailed venue asking if I could perform at one of their singer/songwriter showcases. I was hopeful but when I didn’t get a response I kind of forgot about it. Yesterday, I realized that I received an email back asking me to submit more acoustic-only songs. I wanted to make sure that the booker had my best tunes so I ran home an recorded an acoustic version of seven of my songs (in and hour and half! record time). I posted them to Bandcamp and sent the booker a link with my fingers crossed.

This morning I received a notice that someone downloaded my album! It was a guy who has a really rad record label and put one of my songs on his compilation a few months ago. I was happy to see that these hastily recorded songs were going to be listened to by someone other than the booker. I felt very grateful and I need to send him a little thank you note.

Lana Del Rey Released a New Album

I feel kind of silly putting this on my list, but I was so excited to see when I logged on to Spotify this morning that the new Lana Del Rey album was out. For the past two years, my music listening has been a steady dose of Lana and Canadian creepsters, Timber Timbre. Perhaps that explains why I’ve been feeling so melancholy for so long.

Honeymoon does not disappoint. It was a beautiful soundtrack to help me finish all of my budgets and insurance renewals at work. While it’s such a inherently sad album, I was very happy to listen to it. I can’t wait to give it another spin.

I am really looking forward to everything that this course has to offer. I can’t wait to learn more about how our social lives affect happiness and how to show gratitude more often.

If you are interested in taking The Science of Happiness, I think enrollment is still open. Click here to enroll!

What are your three happy things for today? Tell me in the comments!

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