September Spending Round-Up

Oh man guys, look at that pie chart! Look at me getting all fancy with my financials. September was a really good month in savings and I was able to spend less and save more than in August. Hooray!

My biggest expenses (besides rent) were car expenses – gas and insurance ($211.63), utilities ($189.43), and groceries ($204.74). Some semi-unexpected expenses fell into the Medical category. I had my yearly eye exam this month which set me back $70.

Restaurants is an area that could use improvement. I still ate out a bit during the month of September and that included dinner in San Francisco with some old friends which was not cheap.

Overall, I have to say that I did a really great job this month. I did spend a little extra on real estate books but I figured that would benefit me in the future and was not a mindless consumerist purchase like the ones I used to make.

As a little comparison, I have created a little graph which highlights my spending in April and May. It’s hard to believe that in May, I spent almost $500 in groceries. Crazy times. Also, I have removed the Booze category from my spending. That’s not to say I don’t buy alcohol, I’m just a little more careful and I fit it in with the grocery shopping. No more spontaneous visits to BevMo for this gal.

I love watching that grocery budget get smaller!
$500 on trips to Ralph’s? That’s insane town.

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