Don’t Give Up, Give Back!

Los Angeles is a beautiful but challenging city. It’s always sunny but you spend most of your life stuck in traffic.  Housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable and home ownership is almost completely out of the question for most Angelenos. While I may feel despair about rents constantly increasing, there are many others that are facing immediate hardship and danger every single day.… Read More Don’t Give Up, Give Back!

On Dreaming

  In April of 2002, a month shy of my 14th birthday, I created my very first “dream journal.” It’s a 70 page green spiral bound Mead notebook with magazine clippings glued to the front, ransom letter style. Featured prominently is the phrase, “A GIRL CAN DREAM.” In this notebook, with my perfect middle-school handwriting, I fantasized about… Read More On Dreaming